Day Six: Canada Sees Increase In Newborn Addictions

Irritable babies seem typical, but Canada has seen an increase in irritable babies. This is in conjunction with shakes, vomiting, and more. These are all signs that a child has been “born addicted” to opioids. This occurs when expecting mothers abuse opioids while pregnant. Once the baby is born, and is not ingesting the painkillers through the mother, the baby goes through withdrawal. The Canada recently released that there was a 30% increase in common occurrence in this issue. As of  couple months ago, the NICU was half filled with children suffering from the opioid withdrawals known as Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.


Day Five: Being Given A Topic

I am not someone who is very aware of, or involved in politics, so when assigned a blog on the latest political race in the South, my first step was research. It was pretty interesting, because as someone who typically falls under the Republican viewpoints, I was not rooting for the Republican. I know you can’t be biased in blogging these articles, so I aimed away from my political opinions and only kept the facts of the shocking scenerio.

Day Four: Democrat lands Senatorial Position in Alabama

Just a couple days ago in the deep south, a special election was held in Alabama. This election was held because the former senator was appointed attorney general of the United States of America. The election itself was a rare occasion, but then even stranger, the winner of this election was a democrat. The south is heavily republican, therefore, a democrat winning the election is controversial. Although, his opponent may be even more controversial, as he had multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him during his time running.

Day Three: T-Mobile Joining Layer3 Tv

T-Mobile right now is America’s fastest growing carrier and network. Within the past year they have invested billions of dollars into making sure that their network is up to par with the competition. Gaining about 5 million new customers a month, T-Mobile is rapidly approaching other carriers and is on track to be the best network by 2018. What makes T-Mobile special is how much they value their customers. They are always coming up with new ways and ideas to make their customers not feel like regular customers. Uncarrier which is an event where they launch a new feature T-Mobile has every year, have including JUMP, T-Mobile One, T-Mobile Tuesday’s, No taxes and fees and many more! Now, T-Mobile has acquired a TV service company called Layer3 Tv. This is a company that specializes in cable which streams only in HD and they have unlimited channels. This purchase is meant to compete against AT&T after their most recent purchase of DirectTV. T-Mobile’s plans after they join together are to create their own streaming service off of this cable provider. This is a very big deal for T-Mobile and will be good for their customers.

Day Two: Apple has Purchased Shazam

Following with yesterday’s post, Apple has now finally purchased the music recognition company. This process was very long but it was worth it for both companies. Shazam’s patented machine learning algorithms are one of a kind and their augmented reality features within the app will be very beneficial for Apple in the long run. Both Shazam and Apple have commented that they are both very excited to be joining together to bring innovation and creativity to their customers. Apple has yet to release these details but they are said to have bought Shazam for 400 million dollars.

Day One: Apple Plans to Acquire Shazam

Apple Inc is a Multi-billion dollar tech company that is widely known thoughout the world. Apple is known for their Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices as well as many other products. Currently, Apple is very close to purchasing Shazam for 400 million dollars. Shazam is a service that can listen to any song that is playing and can tell the user what the song title is, the artist, along with a video to the song and an option to open in Spotify. This feature that Shazam has a patent to, is already built in to many other services such as Snapchat and even Apple’s Siri. Apple has declined to comment, but if acquired by Apple, this service will be implemented into Apple Music and throughout iOS as a whole. Apple has a lot of extra money right now, so buying Shazam would be a very beneficial purchase for the company. They have planned on doing this for a while now because of their largest most recent purchase of the company Beats, for 3 billion dollars. Beats is a music based company which helped Apple shape it’s music streaming service Apple Music. Overall, this purchase will be very positive for Apple and will only bring more success to this amazing company.

Letter to Chris McCandless 2

Hello Chris, its Marc again. I just found out about your dad and I’m sorry to hear that he kept that from you. I can’t even imagine finding out that your dad lived basically a double life and didn’t tell you. I do not disagree with your reaction either. I think how Krakauer included your father’s thoughts was boring because it only matters what you think. Just try and talk to him it will be ok.