Thursday March 31, 2016

😂 is an emoji. Aka the “Crying Tears of Joy” emoticon. This was declared the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year at the end of 2015. Given the words that we use today, I don’t think that Crying Tears of Joy or 😂 is appropriate for this scenario. This is because it isn’t technically a word it is an emoji. Some other word would be better but no emojis should be the “word” of the year.


Wednesday March 30, 2o16

I think having education is considered a right. The type of school we go to and the type of technology that is available to us is a privilege. It is also a right because we are required to learn by law until a certain age. We are very fortunate to have a free education in the United States, that is a privilege.

Tuesday March 29, 2016

As we are just returning from spring break I was not in on the first day back due to the fact that my Aunt Antoinette had passed away about over a week ago and times have been rough. I did however try and get my mind off of that and go out with friends, which definitely helps. I had her wake on March 28 and the funeral the day after. On the bright side I ordered the brand new iPad Pro 9.7 and that will be arriving shortly.

Friday March 18, 2016

Ok so, back in about 5th grade I was very, very, very clumsy. I would fall out of my chair, trip over nothing and even fall down the steps. One of my favorite middle school teachers, Ms. Pinto who goes by Mrs. Mangaro now, had to wrap me in caution tape. That is how bad I was, I would constantly fall and I’m not sure why. I might fall less now but I have not changed much from then when it comes to clumsiness.

Thursday March 17, 2016

The Italian flag is better than the Irish flag. Today is St. Patricks Day, there are many things that are involved with this day of the year. There are 4 leaf clovers, shamrock shakes, green, and alcohol. I myself am Irish but only from my dad’s side. My mom is 100% Italian and he is about half Irish. This holiday is honestly my least favorite, it might be a little more fun when I get older.

Wednesday March 16, 2016

I personally don’t pay attention to song lyrics or quotes. I just like the full song, specific lyrics aren’t something I pay attention to. And with quotes I have seen some by famous people but do not memorize them. This is why I don’t know any special quotes or song lyrics.

Tuesday March 15, 2016

This day in history is the ides of March. This falls into play with the assassination of Julius ceaser and the fall of the Roman Empire. The assassination was one of the events between the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. March also includes St. Patricks Day and Easter this year.