Friday April 29, 2016

This weekend I am planning to do some things. I with play PlayStation on Friday night. I will also probably eat dinner with my family, if not I will go in my room and eat alone. The next day I have a party from an old friend. Me and her go way back, all the way back to kindergarten in fact. Her name is Madison and I think her party will be very fun.


Thursday April 28, 2016

I get away with so many things. The one that happens the most frequent would be doing chores. I hate doing chores and don’t ask to do them that often. Although when I do I usually get out of them. For example I usually tell my brother to do it and he will eventually. Or I will just not do them until my mom does it, that is probably horrible but I do it anyway.

Tuesday April 26, 2016

Being able to vote gives you a sense of freedom and makes you feel like you are becoming a real adult. The next 4 years with our next president are going to fly by. I think that Donald Trump is going to win the election and become president of the united states. This is because he is the best candidate for the job. When people say my one vote won’t make a difference that is not true because if everyone keeps saying that then all of the votes won’t be put in and they all add up.


Monday April 25, 2016

I do many good deeds very often. I hold the doors for people, I say bless you, I lend them money if they need it, and I even bring people food if they are hungry. I love helping people and seeing them happy makes me smile inside. I especially love when I help my grandmom do something and she smiles at me and kisses me. That is what brings me true joy.


Friday April 22, 2016

Free Write Friday! Today I will be talking about how much I love the Cheesecake Factory! The Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorite food places ever. One of my favorite teachers this year works there which I one day hope to run into there. Second of all they have some of the best food you can buy out, the pumpernickel bread is the bomb by the way. No matter how many times I go I can always eat the fried mac and cheese balls with the creamy marinara sauce under them. They just ooze when you cut them open and they are so good. The cheesecake is also almost perfect, it is so rich and flavorful.

Thursday April 21, 2016

I think this quote is very up lifting. It’s basically saying that she is listening to the way her heart thought back then. My grades make me the most proud. When all of my parents friends, my close family, and people I don’t even know tell me how smart I am makes me feel good about myself. This makes me want to do better in my life. Unlike my brother who just sleeps all the time, works, and still lives home at 24.


Wednesday April 20, 2016

An eye for an eye is basically saying that if someone does something bad to you then you should do it back to them. I think this is what should happen. In some cases I believe this is ok. If someone hits you, then you should hit them back. If you do something bad to someone there should be consequences. And that is basically karma too.