Day One: Apple Plans to Acquire Shazam

Apple Inc is a Multi-billion dollar tech company that is widely known thoughout the world. Apple is known for their Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices as well as many other products. Currently, Apple is very close to purchasing Shazam for 400 million dollars. Shazam is a service that can listen to any song that is playing and can tell the user what the song title is, the artist, along with a video to the song and an option to open in Spotify. This feature that Shazam has a patent to, is already built in to many other services such as Snapchat and even Apple’s Siri. Apple has declined to comment, but if acquired by Apple, this service will be implemented into Apple Music and throughout iOS as a whole. Apple has a lot of extra money right now, so buying Shazam would be a very beneficial purchase for the company. They have planned on doing this for a while now because of their largest most recent purchase of the company Beats, for 3 billion dollars. Beats is a music based company which helped Apple shape it’s music streaming service Apple Music. Overall, this purchase will be very positive for Apple and will only bring more success to this amazing company.


7 thoughts on “Day One: Apple Plans to Acquire Shazam”

  1. I agree! Having Shazam under their belt would be very beneficial to Apple. Although, now that Apple owns the company now we will see many changes to the application. I feel like some of the changes may not be something users want to have.

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  2. Owning Shazam would be very good for apple, Shazam is a very popular app. Apple when they make this deal go through will be able to do anything they want with Shazam and this will result in it be coming better then it already is. Apple is making a very good business decision in my opinion.

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  3. This blog really informed me about Apple and Shazam. I like how you included extra information about Shazam. I agree that Apple buying Shazam would be really beneficial. This post helped me understand the situation.

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  4. I don’t think apple needs Shazam it’s pointless. They are wasting all that money on something that we don’t need. They could be using that money on a better battery or better screen that doesn’t crack easy


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