Day Three: T-Mobile Joining Layer3 Tv

T-Mobile right now is America’s fastest growing carrier and network. Within the past year they have invested billions of dollars into making sure that their network is up to par with the competition. Gaining about 5 million new customers a month, T-Mobile is rapidly approaching other carriers and is on track to be the best network by 2018. What makes T-Mobile special is how much they value their customers. They are always coming up with new ways and ideas to make their customers not feel like regular customers. Uncarrier which is an event where they launch a new feature T-Mobile has every year, have including JUMP, T-Mobile One, T-Mobile Tuesday’s, No taxes and fees and many more! Now, T-Mobile has acquired a TV service company called Layer3 Tv. This is a company that specializes in cable which streams only in HD and they have unlimited channels. This purchase is meant to compete against AT&T after their most recent purchase of DirectTV. T-Mobile’s plans after they join together are to create their own streaming service off of this cable provider. This is a very big deal for T-Mobile and will be good for their customers.


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