Tuesday February 16, 2016

In the future, I think a lot will change about our culture. Even now our society is constantly changing. People are eventually going to change in that short amount of time, it’s only going to get worse. They are going to look back on our culture and be shocked. Things we eat now will change and social media will definitely change. I mean look at myspace, today nobody even knows about myspace, there isn’t even an app for it! Holidays will still be holidays but will fade in some ways, kids in the future won’t know what it’s like to spend time with family. They are going to wonder why white girls were so obsessed with Starbucks and such. This is what I think kids in the future will think about our culture in the distant future.


Friday February 12, 2016

Food is one of the best things ever. Hands down food is the most amazing thing known to man, food has a major impact on many things for people. For starters, (ha see what I did there 😉 Food can do many things such as change someone’s mood from maybe cranky to happy, tired to energetic, or even depressed to joyful. Also, food has so much background to it such as different cultures and genres. There are many techniques involved with food and cooking, food is a huge part in my life.

Thursday February 11, 2016

Irony is when you think something is going to happen and then the exact opposite happens. I do think the words in the song are actually ironic. In the song ironic, she says wouldn’t it be ironic if it rained on your wedding day because that is really ironic for that to be your special day and for it to be ruined. It is also ironic when a man rides a plane for the first time and it crashes, because he never went on a plane because he thought it would crash. When he rides it, it crashed therefore this is ironic.

Wednesday February 10, 2016

Books should not be banned in schools. Books are a critical part of learning and no matter what should not be restricted based on content. Although, there must be somewhere where you draw the line with an age limit. Some kids might not be mature enough to read books of explicit content. Also, a lot of books have adult content which children should not be reading. As for older grades I think they should definitely be allowed to read whichever books they want as long as the class agrees on reading one.

Tuesday February 9, 2016

Everyone wears masks in our everyday life. Some masks change based on the environment we are in during that time and also who we are around. For example, around your friends you could have a certain mask and then that mask can change around your parents. That mask varies very much depending on the situation.

Monday February 8, 2016

“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.” This quote is really interesting if you think about it. I think this is very true and I don’t disagree with this quote. This quote is saying that when you fail, you learn from that failure and you are smarter then before. This can relate to school because if you fail a test you will learn from that mistake and will try and do better next time.

Friday February 5, 2016

Names are a very complex topic. My name to me is pretty cool because I am a Jr. so I got my name from my dad. On my father’s side of the family Lauer, is Irish and is even german I think so I am somewhat German and Irish. But I am mostly Italian, with my dad’s mom and my mom’s whole side of her family being Italian. I think this was selected as my name because my parents just wanted me to be a junior, and that this name fitted me the best.