Day One: Apple Plans to Acquire Shazam

Apple Inc is a Multi-billion dollar tech company that is widely known thoughout the world. Apple is known for their Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices as well as many other products. Currently, Apple is very close to purchasing Shazam for 400 million dollars. Shazam is a service that can listen to any song that is playing and can tell the user what the song title is, the artist, along with a video to the song and an option to open in Spotify. This feature that Shazam has a patent to, is already built in to many other services such as Snapchat and even Apple’s Siri. Apple has declined to comment, but if acquired by Apple, this service will be implemented into Apple Music and throughout iOS as a whole. Apple has a lot of extra money right now, so buying Shazam would be a very beneficial purchase for the company. They have planned on doing this for a while now because of their largest most recent purchase of the company Beats, for 3 billion dollars. Beats is a music based company which helped Apple shape it’s music streaming service Apple Music. Overall, this purchase will be very positive for Apple and will only bring more success to this amazing company.


Letter to Chris McCandless 2

Hello Chris, its Marc again. I just found out about your dad and I’m sorry to hear that he kept that from you. I can’t even imagine finding out that your dad lived basically a double life and didn’t tell you. I do not disagree with your reaction either. I think how Krakauer included your father’s thoughts was boring because it only matters what you think. Just try and talk to him it will be ok.


Letter to Chris McCandless 1

Dear Chris, I am currently reading about your story. I’m glad Krakauer had decided to write about you on your long journey. I am intrigued on why you were not fully prepared for the endeavor you took. The adventure you took was great but you were alone and it’s not right how you couldn’t even let your parents know where you were. Even if you were not fond of them they are still your parents and they love you no matter what. I don’t think you took the correct approach when going on the adventure how you did. I can not relate to you or your intentions because I wouldn’t do something like you did, but I still feel as if you shouldn’t have gone on that journey.


Thursday June 9, 2016

These were my goals that I set out for.

I would like to raise my GPA✅
First honors✅
I want a new iPad✅
Take my drivers test✅
Get a shore house in wildwood✖️

I technically accomplished 4/5 goals do this year.

I took a practice drivers test and passed. I got the new iPad pro. I received first honors. My GPA is now a 3.94. I did not get a shore house but it is ok because my mom said we are going down a lot this summer. I am so happy that I had Ms. DeProspo and had the privilege to have her as a teacher.

Tuesday June 7, 2016

Living in a major city like Philadelphia has many of it’s advantages. One of the advantages is that everything is close together. Something I personally love and actually take advantage of all the time. A drawback although would be that there is pollution and there are people always around so there is traffic.

Monday June 6, 2016

“I make myself rich by making my wants few.” This quote is very wise and smart. By this quote, it means that if you make a certain amount of money and only spend “a few” then you will become rich eventually. My brother is a perfect example of this quote. My brother has always been cheap, even when he goes shopping he buys the cheapest things. And because of this he just saves and saves.


Friday June 3, 2016

This absolutely hate fetty wap he is the most useless person ever. He is talentless and has no purpose for life. I think that he shouldn’t put out things like this in general. Showing things like that is why kids are so messed up these days.