Thursday June 9, 2016

These were my goals that I set out for.

I would like to raise my GPA✅
First honors✅
I want a new iPad✅
Take my drivers test✅
Get a shore house in wildwood✖️

I technically accomplished 4/5 goals do this year.

I took a practice drivers test and passed. I got the new iPad pro. I received first honors. My GPA is now a 3.94. I did not get a shore house but it is ok because my mom said we are going down a lot this summer. I am so happy that I had Ms. DeProspo and had the privilege to have her as a teacher.


Tuesday June 7, 2016

Living in a major city like Philadelphia has many of it’s advantages. One of the advantages is that everything is close together. Something I personally love and actually take advantage of all the time. A drawback although would be that there is pollution and there are people always around so there is traffic.

Monday June 6, 2016

“I make myself rich by making my wants few.” This quote is very wise and smart. By this quote, it means that if you make a certain amount of money and only spend “a few” then you will become rich eventually. My brother is a perfect example of this quote. My brother has always been cheap, even when he goes shopping he buys the cheapest things. And because of this he just saves and saves.


Friday June 3, 2016

This absolutely hate fetty wap he is the most useless person ever. He is talentless and has no purpose for life. I think that he shouldn’t put out things like this in general. Showing things like that is why kids are so messed up these days.

Thursday June 2, 2016

I do not really have any favorite excerpts from a book, movie or even TV show. Although one scene sticks out to me. This scene is from Marvel’s the avengers. When Loki is talking to the hulk and then he just picks him up and throws him around.

Wednesday June 1, 2016

I do and do not agree with the statement “there are no such things as stupid questions” because myself personally does not ask questions because I am shy. This although doesn’t mean that I don’t think this statement is true. I’m just a very shy person when it comes to stuff like that.